kathy sheck, RMT



Graduated: 1996

School: West Coast College of

             Massage Therapy

Course length: 2yrs/2500hrs

Opened clinic: 1997

Continuing Education:

Visceral Manipulation

Myofascial Mobilization

Joint mobilization courses

CanFitPro Fitness Theory & Exercise Prescription

Synergistic Bodyball Training


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Clinic phone #:

(604) 734-4030


Amari Stark: Pilates/Yoga




“It is very rewarding to help improve my

clients’ health and well-being”

After working eight great years in an accounting/office environment, I decided to pursue a career change.  I had always found the medical field to be quite fascinating and eventually decided on massage therapy.  I chose massage therapy mainly because I liked its holistic approach to treating musculoskeletal conditions and its emphasis on “looking to treat the cause rather than the symptom”.  Each day is extremely gratifying for me when I see how people have benefited from manual therapy and the positive change it has had on their lives. This in itself is what keeps me focused on my career. 

It is very rewarding being able to have a part in helping improve my clients’ health and well-being.  I enjoy educating people on what they can do to minimize the effects of injury, postural change or stress on the body and how to maintain the effects of their treatment.  I place a lot of emphasis on the need to be proactive with stretching or strengthening exercises in order to manage your soft tissue condition.

Over the past nineteen years, I have had a general practice and currently have an interest in abdominal/visceral manipulation treatments.  I am intrigued at how internal organs, like muscles, will not function properly if blood supply is restricted to them and the impact this has on the rest of the body.

I consider myself very fortunate to be actively involved in your path to wellness and look forward to seeing you at the clinic.

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